About ParkPay

ParkPay provides the most user-friendly and most modern solution for parking. With the help of automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), parking can be paid for by using payment machines, online or by automatic invoicing. We also have solutions for regular users and can offer discounted prices. Choose between our standard or customized solutions.

For the operator

NorTronic is the company behind ParkPay and, after 50 years in the industry, the company is still considered an innovative, market-leading partner for the entire parking industry in Norway. ParkPay is our latest future-oriented parking system and uses automatic number plate recognition.

Our reputable platform has been expanded to include online payments, subscriptions, as well as integration with the NorBill 7000 payment machine, and can be supplied with a number of additional features such as space detection and surveillance cameras (please refer to the technical specification). Could this solution be relevant for you?

System options

  • Number of ANPR cameras required.
  • Physical road barriers for example booms.
  • Full integration with the NorBill 7000 payment machine.
  • Integrated with EasyPark.
  • Whitelist (register users who do not need to pay).
  • TAB terminal for the deletion/provision of free-of-charge passes.
  • Online parking payments in arrears using payment cards or VIPPS within 48 hours of leaving the parking space.
  • Option for automatic invoicing.
  • Dedicated “My page” allowing users to register payment cards for automatic payments, season cards/annual cards, parking products.

Can be combined with

  • NorBill 7000 – an on-site payment machine that enables quick and easy payment for customers.
  • N&D 36Xtreme – a quick and robust boom barrier that, together with NorBill 7000, ensures that everyone pays.
  • NorTell 200 – a counting system that ensures an overview of available spaces and reduces time spent driving around searching for an available space.
  • NorEye 4 – camera surveillance for up to four cameras with HDD recorders and an app to increase security and reduce damage.

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