Privacy Policy

Introduction and scope

This Privacy Policy applies to all NorTronic operations (including PassPay and ParkPay) and includes all work and operations performed by employees or others on our behalf.

The policy contains information relating to:

  • The collection of information on our website.
  • General information about how we process the personal data of our contacts and customers.
  • Processing of information about the companies and institutions that we collaborate with from the public and private sectors.

The policy also includes a summary of the data protection guidelines used in our products and services.

Our products and services

Our products use payment machines, number plate recognition and counting mechanisms as the basis for the services we provide. Customers using our products are the data controllers for the personal data they gain access to through this usage.

NorTronic supplies the operational and support services associated with the products and can therefore gain access to the personal data processed by our customers. We will only process any personal data in accordance with documented instructions from the data controller, and only in accordance with applicable regulations. Larger and public sector customers enter into data processing agreements with NorTronic to govern this liability.

Personal data

NorTronic stores data relating to contact persons at the companies and businesses we are associated with. Such data includes:

  • Name of contact person
  • Address
  • Email/telephone number used in the working relationship

Such data is collected as a result of contact with representatives of companies in the following contexts:

  • Collaborating companies
  • Participation in events arranged by us or others
  • Companies/employees and other persons who have actively submitted the contact forms on our websites

The purpose of collecting this data is to be able to respond to direct inquiries, maintain and develop partnerships and to be able to provide relevant information.

The rights of data subjects

  • Access to registered information, correction and deletion of data, as well as withdrawal of consent will be performed after a written request is sent to the General Manager.
  • If you subscribe to one of our newsletters, you can unsubscribe using the instructions included with each newsletter or by written request to the General Manager.
  • With the exception of newsletters, we have no procedures in place for profiling or automated processing of personal data.
  • NorTronic never discloses personal data to third parties without prior agreement.

Duty of confidentiality

All employees and all NorTronic representatives have a duty of confidentiality within the scope of this Privacy Policy.

Responsible person

The General Manager is primarily responsible for all storage and processing of personal data at NorTronic.

(Version 2 – 28 October 2020)